It was great hanging out with Casio Marketing and Assistant Marketing Directors Mike Martin and Greg Dean at Summer NAMM 2012!!!
Hello and welcome to Ray Whitlock's official website.  Here you can check out his upcoming shows, discography, and learn a little more about him.  Check out the widget below!!!! Ray has now released a new single, Dare To Believe!!!
Ray is also excited to announce that he's playing the new Casio PX-5S and the XW-P1. This is an amazing keyboard, that just sounds and feels great!!! It only weights 11 pounds to!!! You will be able to hear the XW-P1 and the PX-5S on tour and on Ray's new up coming cd. Dare To Belive the new single has the XW-P1 on it!!!
Here's a BRAND NEW CD!!!
I have a MAJOR announcement!!! I'm very proud to announce that I am now endorsed by
ULTIMATE SUPPORT!!! I have been using their stands for a long time and now have a great endorsement thanks to ULTIMATE. Please click the link to check out the wonderful products that they sell. I bought my 1st(and only) keyboard stand in 1988, the Apex stand. It has been on every stage I have seen for all these years.  22 years with one keyboard stand, you can't get any better than that. I'm now using the new APEX AX-48 PRO. You can see me and the new stand on tour.  Check the Upcoming Shows page for a city near you!!!